Hua Thanon

Hua Thanon is a quaint fishing village located in the south eastern corner of the island. 

The main tradtional fishing fleet is based here, where nothing much has changed over time, or been effected by mass tourism.

Daily life continues pretty much as it has done for hundreds of years, with local business based around the fishing market.

Hua Thanon is also known as being the Muslim Village of Samui, although 99% of Thailand is Buddhist, there is a minority Muslim community in the south Hua Thanon is part of that. 


Here you'll find the only Mosque on the island, located towards the back of the village.


The small sois are linned with traditional chinese houses and small shops, each serving up their own offering to the community, from food stuffs, to barber shops and bike repairs. 


It is a community that largely supports itself through local trade. 

It's worth taking a walk through the village, people are smiling and friendly here, you feel very comfrotable and welcomed.

The small market is open daily, here you will find all sorts of interesting types of seafood delights and everrything you need to cook yourself a fresh meal at your villa.

If you are wondering where the village is, this picture might help, centred on this corner of the ring road, there is a 7/11 and lots of old Chinese wooden houses linking the main road here

The market is open daily and you can find al sorts of fresh seafood delights to take home and cook at your won villa.

If you're wondering where it is, besides using our map, this picture might help. There are many old wooden chinese houses centered around the village and its streets off the ring road.

Around the side streets are small houses and trade shops, it really is like being in another part of Thailand.

And of course, if you head further south past the village you'll find another wonderful beach!