After Chaweng, Lamai is the second most popular tourist destination on Samui. 

Lamai is half the size of Chaweng, a lot quieter by day, not as modern and everything is a little cheaper. There’s a rustic look and feel to the place, like Chaweng 10 to 15 years ago.


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The beach is good, the sea is clean, but not always as calm. There’s no reef offshore to protect from wind swells. Check out our page on Lamai Beach for further information.

Accommodation fronting the sea is made up of mid-range and budget resorts and bungalows. You won’t find many high-end resorts here, but like the rest of Samui, lush resorts are starting to replace the old beach bungalows. The Le Meriden and Renaissance are two 5 star resorts already established at the northern end of Lamai Beach. The private villa accommodation market is well established in the surrounding area too. There’s a wide range of luxury villas with facilities of a 5 star hotel with dedicated staff.

Eating out has a similar theme to accommodation, mostly budget to mid-range eateries, not much in the way of high-end restaurants. Like most tourist hubs there is a wide variety of food choices, from Mediterranean to sub-content Asia and beyond. Lamai is better value for money than Chaweng, without compromising quality.

When the sun begins to set over Samui, Lamai tends to step it up a notch.  The nightlife here is concentrated around the central part of Lamai. It has to be said there is no shortage of Beer and Go-Go Bars. Some look like they found a vacant space, pulled up a couple of chairs, plugged in a fridge and gave it a name. In the very middle of Lamai there’s an area with a boxing ring in the middle and many open-air bars surround it.  Built for those who would like to watch the ladies fight Muay Thai style, while having a drink with a lady. Friday night is the big boxing night here, definitely worth a look, even if from a distance.

There are masses of bars in Lamai to choice from. Most not like the above mentioned. There also a couple of clubs for those that would like to step it up and dance into the early hours. Along the beach there’s some great little bars to chill out and enjoy a drink, and some that like to throw a beach party for their guests.

Aside bars and restaurants, the rest of business is made up with the usual Samui high street shops. Lots of market type stalls, with holiday clothing, dvd’s, tattoo parlours and massage shops. The usual over supply of pharmacies, mini-marts, optometrists, travel agents and tailors are here too. ATMs and banks are at regular intervals the whole length of the main street. For those staying a little longer, Tesco-Lotus has a big supermarket on the ring road in the centre of Lamai.

For those interested in proper Spa facilities, one of Samui’s best is at the northern end of the beach.

Lamai is great value, with all the convenience of Chaweng yet not quite as busy. You’ve also got the added bonus of many attractions in the nearby area.

Located 20 minutes south of Samui Airport and 10-15 minutes from Chaweng.