Mae Nam

15 minutes from the airport, west of Bophut, at northern the end of the island is the sleepy village of Mae Nam.

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The ring road passes through here and on the face of it you wouldn’t think there’s much to it. The main road has the usual offering of roadside eateries and restaurants but doesn’t seem to be too much else going on.

Maybe that’s why Mae Nam has managed to stay a great little getaway spot for those in the know. Just a hundred metres or so to left of the ring road is one of the best beaches in Asia. The streets that run off the ring road down to the beach have some great restaurants and bars. The same can be said along the beach itself. 

Accommodation in the area is spread out over 6 kilometres on the beachside of the ring road. The majority being privately owned budget bungalows and guesthouses, with some mid-range resorts and more recently a couple of 5 star additions. A sign of things to come for Mae Nam, much like the rest of the island.

Mae Nam is more couple and family orientated; there are a number of expats living in the area, many of whom own tourist accommodation, restaurants and bars.

Eating out here is cheaper than in the major tourist centres, but nothing is cheap about the quality. You’ll find some of the freshest and tastiest Thai food on the island. The central area of Mae Nam is identifiable with the only traffic lights in the area. Here you’ll find the highest concentration of restaurants and bars along the main street and down the walking streets towards the beach. You’ll find similar along the streets towards the Mae Nam Resort and the Lomprayah Pier.

The ring road area has it’s usual smattering of Beer Bars for those inclined and as always you’re never to far from a 7-11 or pharmacy.

The mountains interior around Mae Nam has some great viewpoints with the odd restaurant and bar looking out to Koh Panghan on the horizon.

If you are looking for a good valued, peaceful holiday on arguably our best beach then Mae Nam might just be the place for you.

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