Taling Ngam

Taling Ngam is one of the last regions of Koh Samui that remains largely untouched. Only a couple of the larger hoteliers have set up resorts here, they are at the higher end of accommodation offerings on the island and are tucked away, secluded and do not really impact on the natural surrounds that is the prevailing beauty of Taling Ngam. 

Located in the far sout western corner of the island, it is the one of the nicest spots on the island to catch the sun setting over the Five Islands. There are some lovely little restaurants and bars dotted along the coast. The beach is one of the nicest on the island, great for swimming and kids. 

For the most part Taling Ngam is a place that would seem to let progress and tourism pass on by, a small fishing village that has carried on as it has done for hundreds of years. 

Taling Ngam is great place to visit to get away from the tourist hubs and enjoy the untouched beauty and authentic Thai life for an afternoon.

Beautiful turquiose blue seas and palm trees, everyone's tropical holiday dream.

Clean, soft sand beaches where you can always find a spot to yourself.

Inland natural lakes and marshes surrounded by lush jungle, untouched. 

Riverside lodgings on a river in a small village on the road to Lipa Noi. 

A local shop serving cold drinks, sunscreen, gasoline and all the little bits and pieces for tourists that they sometimes forget or cannot find in the immediate area. 

You'll find an abundance of cocount farms and and trees in the area, also there is a the bull fighting arena you see in the distance here. 

Downtown Taling Ngam, oh so quiet. 

The beachfront cafe at the end of the main street in Taling Ngam.

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