Samui International Airport

Completed only as recently as 1989 as a domestic airport, upgraded to an international airport in 1997 and received a major revamp in 2008. Samui International Airport has received no less than 8 awards for Asian architectural design and for featuring in Smart Travel Asia’s top 10 for "Best Airports Worldwide" poll.

The architecture has embraced the tropical island theme and combined it with the traditional Thai structure, Sala. 

A Sala is open air place, with a thatched roof and no walls. Traditionally they have been built in rural areas of Thailand as a place for people to rest, take shelter from the sun and rain on a journey. They are a common meeting place, and you’ll always find them at Wats (temples).

You really don’t feel like you have arrived at an airport, but you do feel like your holiday has arrived. It’s a great starting point to get you in the mood for Samui.