Thai Holiday & Festival Calendar

Here’s a list of local holidays and festivals for the years 2012 & 2013.

Some holidays are on fixed dates, while others follow the lunar calendar, changing each year. The Buddhist Calendar (B.E.) began 543 years earlier than the Christian Calendar, in Thailand it’s actually 2554.

2012 Date
Jan – 01|Sunday|New Year’s Day**
Jan – 02|Monday|New Year’s Day observed**
Jan – 23|Monday|Chinese New Year**
Mar – 07|Wednesday|Magha Puja**
Apr – 06|Friday|Chakri Memorial Day**
Apr – 13|Friday|Songkran**
Apr – 14|Saturday|Songkran**
Apr – 15|Sunday|Songkran**
Apr – 16|Monday|Songkran**
Apr – 17|Tuesday|Songkran**
May – 01|Tuesday|Labour Day**
May – 05|Saturday|Coronation Day**
May – 06|Monday|Coronation Day observed**
May – 10|Thursday|Royal Ploughing Ceremony**
Jun – 04|Monday|Vesak Day**
Aug – 02|Thursday|Asalha Puja**
Aug – 03|Friday|Buddhist Lent Day**
Aug – 12|Sunday|H.M. The Queen’s Birthday**
Aug – 13|Monday|H.M. The Queen’s Birthday observed**
Oct – 23|Tuesday|Chulalongkorn Memorial Day**
Oct – 30|Tuesday|End of Buddhist Lent Day**
Nov – 28|Wednesday|Loy Krathong**
Dec – 05|Wednesday|H.M. The King’s Birthday**
Dec – 10|Monday|Thai Constitution Day**
Dec – 31|Monday|New Year’s Eve**
2013 Date
Jan – 01|Tuesday|New Year’s Day**
Feb – 10|Wednesday|Chinese New Year**
Mar – 11|Monday|Magha Puja**
Apr – 06|Sarturday|Chakri Memorial Day**
Apr – 08|Monday|Chakri Memorial Day obvserved**
Apr – 13|Saturday|Songkran**
Apr – 14|Sunday|Songkran**
Apr – 15|Monday|Songkran**
Apr – 16|Tuesday|Songkran**
Apr – 17|Wednesday|Songkran**
May – 01|Wednesday|Labour Day**
May – 05|Sunday|Coronation Day**
May – 06|Monday|Coronation Day observed**
May – 10|Friday|Royal Ploughing Ceremony**
May– 24|Friday|Vesak Day**
Jul – 30|Tuesday|Asalha Puja**
Aug – 03|Saturday|Buddhist Lent Day**
Aug – 12|Monday|H.M. The Queen’s Birthday**
Oct – 23|Wednesday|Chulalongkorn Memorial Day**
Oct – 30|Wednesday|End of Buddhist Lent Day**
Nov – 28|Thursday|Loy Krathong**
Dec – 05|Thursday|H.M. The King’s Birthday**
Dec – 10|Tuesday|Thai Constitution Day**
Dec – 31|Tuesday|New Year’s Eve**