Things to do when it rains

Unfortunately the weather on Samui is not always perfect and we do get unseasonal rain occasionally. So what things are there to do on Koh Samui when it rains? 

Obviously the island is not geared towards indoor activity, but there are things you can do when it rains on Koh Samui. Here we’ve compiled a list of options to pass the time while the rain on Samui passes over!
Pampering Spa:
Why not take advantage of full day or half-day spa treatments available at many of the world-class spa facilities you can find right around the island? Most of these great facilities cater for couples. You can both enjoy a variety of relaxing treatments together and soon forget what day it is never mind that it is raining. See our Wellness category for recommended options.
Yes we do have a cinema here on Samui and yes the latest films are showing in English. Located in Chaweng at the Tesco Lotus supermarket complex, you can also enjoy a tasty cheap lunch at the food court while you are there. One word of advice, if you do have something warm to wear take it with you. A popular trend in hot countries is continued here on Samui with the air-conditioned switched to freezing!
Located next to the cinema at the Tesco Lotus complex in Chaweng is the bowling centre. Why not enjoy a game before lunch or while waiting for a film to start at the cinema, great fun for all ages.
At some point you need to start thinking about picking up a few bargains at the markets, or remember the family and friends gifts or souvenirs to take home from your trip. You may as well get it done while the sun doesn’t shine. Chaweng is the most popular spot with the greatest options for shopping on the island. If you really want to find a bargain then head to Nathon, the prices are much cheaper than anywhere else on the island and you can find much of the same goods you’ll find being sold at higher prices in the tourist hubs.
DVD Marathon:
Why not order some room service and watch that TV series or film you have been meaning to watch back home. You’ll find DVD shops in Chaweng and Lamai with hundreds of series and films both new to DVD and classics of years gone by.
Muay Thai Training:
Why not do some exercise, try something new and have one on one lesson in Muay Thai? There are plenty of options around the island and in some resorts where you can enjoy trying out a sport that is steeped in Thai history and culture.
Shooting Range:
Definitely not a cheap option and not one you can spend hours doing, but it is something you could try out while here. There aren’t many places in the world where you can walk in to a shooting range and 10 minutes later be blasting a semi-automatic weapon at targets.
A favourite beachside option, but there are plenty of high street shops with a variety of massage treatments available, for hours of relaxation in comfortable indoor surrounds with the latest facilities.
Yoga classes are widely available at dedicated centres and at many of the resorts around the island.
If all else fails you are on holiday and for many whether it’s raining or not the pub is the best place to be. In some of the bigger pubs and sports bars you can catch the latest sports being shown live or replayed from the previous day.

If you do find yourself at a loose end with bad weather, we hope the above is helpful and if you can think of any other activities we have missed please send us an email and let us know.