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Hello everyone, and welcome to travel guide.

We are happy to see you here, and would love to introduce ourselves, and also reveal some of the secrets on how we make the site :-) 

We are Nigel (English/Aussie/Irishman) and Yulya (Russian).

Oh yes here we are :-) Sorry for the poor picture quality, we are taking loads of high quality photos for the site and hardly have time to take photos of ourselves, embarrassing really.

We hope you've already looked around our and seen pictures in our Photo Gallery, read Samui Island Overview, where to eat in Samui, where to go out, the best SPAs, and hopefully watched our Muay Thai Training Video and Virtual Tour. We do hope you are already considering which hotel in Samui to stay at while you visit :-)

Oh, are you saying you haven't? That's even better, this way you can see HOW those pages were actually made before you see them in all their glory :-)

Okay, what we are going to show you is our know-how, and please do not tell your friends about it! :-)






Read Nigel's story and see Yulya's photos about Chaweng Noi


This Virtual Tour sits here. A little tip: if you click "Select View" you will find more shots ;) 


Read Nigel's story about Bo Phut beach and see Yulya's photos


Read Nigel's story about Walking Street in Fisherman's Village and see Yulya's photos



We are having so much fun making this site, and we geniunely hope you will enjoy it. 

See you soon on our Facebook Page - Koh Samui real time updates :-)  


With best regards,

Nigel and Yulya.


P.S. A picture is worth a thousand words they say, one video is worth a million then.

Stuck in the jungle trying to find Tar Tan Waterfall