Top 10 Beach Activities for a Summer Escape in Koh Samui

Koh Samui

Explore the sun-soaked shores and crystal-clear waters

1. Snorkeling

Explore the stunning underwater world surrounding Koh Samui through snorkeling. Rent equipment from local beach vendors or join a snorkeling tour to discover colorful coral reefs and tropical marine life.


2. Kayaking

Paddle your way along the crystal-clear waters of Koh Samui's coastline on a relaxing kayak excursion. Glide through hidden coves, archways, and sea caves, enjoying the serene natural beauty of the island.


3. Stand-Up Paddleboarding (SUP)

Try your hand at stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) for an excellent core workout while enjoying the panoramic views of Koh Samui's beaches. Rent a board and paddle at a nearby beach or join a guided SUP tour for beginners.


4. Jet Skiing

Feel the adrenaline rush as you speed across the waves on a thrilling jet ski adventure. Get your heart racing and enjoy the excitement of driving a jet ski in the turquoise waters of Koh Samui.


5. Parasailing

Soar above the picturesque beaches of Koh Samui while parasailing. Experience breathtaking views and feel the wind in your hair as you glide through the sky tethered to a parachute.


6. Banana Boat Ride

Have a fun-filled adventure with friends or family on a banana boat ride. Hold on tight as you bounce and glide over the waves, enjoying a thrilling and laughter-filled experience on the water.


7. Fishing Tours

Join a fishing tour and sail into the deep seas surrounding Koh Samui to try your luck at catching some impressive fish. Enjoy the tranquility of the ocean and the excitement of reeling in a big catch.


8. Yoga on the Beach

Find your inner peace and rejuvenate your body and mind with a yoga session on the beach. Many resorts and wellness centers offer beachfront yoga classes, allowing you to relax and connect with nature.


9. Beach Volleyball

Gather friends or join a beach volleyball game on Koh Samui's sandy shores. Challenge yourself, soak up the sun, and enjoy the friendly competition and camaraderie on the beach.


10. Sunset Cruises

End your day in paradise with a romantic sunset cruise around Koh Samui. Sail on a traditional longtail boat or a luxury yacht, savoring a breathtaking sunset while floating on the calm waters.